Free WiFi

One of our many services is that you can access our free WiFi throughout the center.

Access free wifi at ALEXA Berlin

We all love texting, listening to music, watching videos – and for doing so we need to have internet. In big shopping malls it often happens that the internet connection is bad or not existing – but not at the ALEXA Berlin. We provide you with the best internet and offer you a big variety of different stores and restaurants. Just connect your device with the free wifi and start surfing and shopping at the same time!


Where do I have free wifi?

Everywhere! You can easily access the free hotspot with your mobile device. It is quick and easy and you won’t have to worry about losing your data or about a bad connection. The free wifi covers the whole center and some stores (Esprit, Kamps, Media Markt, Starbucks and H&M) even offer their own hotspots to make your time at the ALEXA perfect.


What can I do with free wifi?

Free wifi offers a wide range of possible actions. You can start your shopping day by connecting your phone or tablet with the free wifi. During your day you can upload photos and videos, call or video-call friends. You can also use the internet access to visit our social media channels. Tag us in your Instagram story, share your location on facebook or leave a review on Google. If you are lost at some point or want to know where the closest restrooms are or a specific store is, just go to our website and check out the center map.


Where can I charge my mobile device?

Surfing in the internet is fun, but sometimes your battery is running low. No problem! Take a break at one of our lounge chairs and charge your phone for free at the sockets. Forgot your charger? Check out the different electric shops like Media Markt or Vodafone. There, you can buy new charger and powerbanks. ALEXA Berlin is always up to date and want to make sure you have a perfect shopping day!


Enjoy shopping and surfing at the same time with free wifi! We are looking forward to seeing you soon!