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Services at ALEXA Berlin

To make sure you have a great time at the ALEXA Center we offer a variety of services. Check out our gift cards, the lost-and-found service, a renting service for children buggies and more. Our goal is to support your needs and wishes to make your experience by us special.


Customer information

If you have any questions during your stay feel free to come to our service desk on floor 0. The friendly staff will provide you with all information you need, if it’s about buying gift cards or informatin about a specific store –  they are happy to help you.


Our services

We show you an overview of the services the ALEXA Berlin offers and where you can find them. If you want to know more abut the different services, please contact the customer information.

  • Pharmacy: Floor 0
  • Babies‘ changing room: Floor 1, Floor 2 (+ breastfeeding area)
  • ATM: Floor -1, Floor 0, Floor 2
  • Lost-and-found service: Floor 0 (customer information)
  • Children buggy renting service: Floor 0 (customer information)
  • Travel agency: Floor 0. Floor 2
  • fully accessible restrooms: Floor 1, Floor 2
  • Dentist Mundwerk: Floor 3


Free Wifi

One of our services is free wifi. You can easily access the free hotspot and use the internet in the whole center. Additionally the stores Esprit, Kamps, Media Markt, Starbucks, and H&M provide a free hotspot as well. Post your selfie, text with friends or check out your social media accounts while having a break of your shopping tour at the ALEXA Berlin. We would love to see you sharing your location on Facebook, tagging us in your Instagram story or leaving a review by Google.


 ATMs at the ALEXA Berlin

In case you run out of cash the ALEXA Berlin has ATMs at three floors. You can access the ATMs similar to the opening-hours. There you can also find information about the opening hours on hoildays and open Sundays.


Lost-and-found service

If you have lost something in the center, ask at the lost-and-found service. There you can find the help you need to find your lost itmes.


Family services

The ALEXA Berlin is a very family-friendly Shopping Center. Therefore, we offer different services to make sure you can enjoy your Shopping experience with the whole family. Childrens’ restrooms and changing rooms are waiting for you on floor 1 and 2. Fully accessibly restrooms are located at these floors as well. To have a comfortable day with your kids, we provide a childrens‘ buggy rent service. You can leave your own buggy at home and use the free space in your car for your shopping bags. In the car park are 1600 parking spots on three floors, including 80 parking spaces for women and 50 parking spaces for the disabled. For more information go to Access and Contacts.

We are looking forward seeing you at the ALEXA Berlin!