Sonae Sierra has appointed a Sierra Ombudsman whose goal is to ensure that the interests of all groups are met.

How does it work?

Sierra’s Ombudsman acts as a facilitator for all, and all of the company’s interest groups may address the Ombudsman with their observations, suggestions and complaints in order to ensure that these issues are given the attention they deserve, are thoroughly examined, and to allow for the underlying circumstances to be improved.

If this Ombudsman is called upon – whether from Portugal or any other country in which Sonae Sierra is represented – the Ombudsman will objectively analyse the facts, which will then either be corrected, unless reasons present themselves that give preference to the current situation being upheld. In any case, the Sierra Ombudsman will attend to all matters of those seeking his help and advice.

How do I talk to the Sierra Ombudsman?

Please forward your enquiries, suggestions, ideas or complaints to the Ombudsman’s email address: or call him at +351 21 751 50 00