The „Bewusst (er) leben“ Campaign Weeks 2023 at ALEXA Berlin

Sustainability and shopping don’t go together? To prove you wrong, the “Bewusst (er) leben” campaign weeks are taking place again this year at ALEXA Berlin.

For three weeks in July, the topics of sustainability and a more conscious lifestyle are the focus of our centre: from 3 to 22 July, there will be a variety of offers to discover, from hands-on activities to exhibitions and competitions. We’ll have fun showing you how you can be a little more conscious with resources.

Because: There is no planet B! Drop by the ALEXA, because our action weeks will introduce you to the topic of sustainability in a playful, exciting and innovative way – free of charge and without registration.

Poster competition “Nature in your city – We plant the future!

On 3 July, the non-profit initiative wirBERLIN will kick off the topic of sustainability with the generation that most affects the future development of our planet: children. In the run-up to the event, schoolchildren from Berlin have been thinking about the topic “Nature in your city – We’re planting the future! and created small works of art on posters. The painting competition on the topic of sustainability has been running since 2015 and this year the award ceremony will take place for the second time at the ALEXA Berlin. wirBERLIN is committed to environmental education and civic engagement. Around 150 of the creative posters can be admired at the ALEXA until the end of the campaign weeks on 22 July. We are looking forward to seeing many great masterpieces!

Exhibition “Bewusst (er) leben”

Learning and shopping? At our Bewusst (er) leben (live consciously) exhibition you will get lots of information and new knowledge about sustainability at ALEXA – on the one hand, ALEXA has done a lot in terms of sustainability. On the other hand, we have great tenants who deal with sustainability and a more conscious lifestyle every day.

For in addition to the poster winners, there is another exhibition to kick off the campaign weeks. In keeping with the campaign motto “Living Consciously”, visitors will be shown how ALEXA, as a shopping centre, supports its tenants in finding practical ways to protect the environment. For example, ALEXA uses the six big “R “s – Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Repair, Refill and Rethink – to promote a more sustainable use of resources. Did you know, for example, that ALEXA’s evaporative cooling system runs entirely on rainwater? More exciting information about sustainability at ALEXA Berlin can be found in our Bewusst (er) leben exhibition.

ALEXA Bewusst (er) leben: Fun Days

Is the topic of sustainability boring? Not with our hands-on activities at ALEXA. 😊 At our Fun Days, for example, get on your bike and charge your mobile phone with your muscle power. Or put your knowledge of sustainability to the test in a quiz. You will receive an action stamp for every action you take part in. Collect them all and enjoy a surprise – a sustainable one, of course.

A DJ will accompany the Fun Days at ALEXA with cool beats that round off the relaxed atmosphere on the important topic of sustainability. Those in need of healthy refreshment will be treated to delicious drinks at the Smoothie Bar. These will be freshly mixed for you without any electricity.

The Fun Days will take place on Friday, 7 July and Saturday, 8 July from 11 am to 7 pm. You will find the various stations in our centre on the ground floor in front of H&M and Zara. Get active and have fun – and at the same time do something good for yourself and our planet.

Electrically light into the future

Electromobility is on the rise. Especially when it comes to sustainability. However, a big catch with electric vehicles is often the high weight due to the heavy batteries. LEVI (Light Electric Vehicle Innovation Cluster), a platform for everything to do with electric light mobility, shows with its exhibition at the action weeks Bewusst (er) leben (live consciously) at the ALEXA Berlin that there is another way. Under the motto “Electric light into the future”, trend-setting electric light vehicles will be presented. The complete range of sustainable vehicle types will be presented: from the funny mini vehicle by HOPPER and vans by ARI Motors to e-bikes in a casual retro look by MC EBIKE. Even e-trucks will be on site. And the coolest thing: you can test drive the vehicles behind the ALEXA, towards Jannowitzbrücke!

The exhibition will take place from 10 to 15 July between 10 am and 8 pm in and around the ALEXA.

We, the ALEXA, are looking forward to three weeks of conscious living under the sign of sustainability. Come along and discover a variety of action stands, hands-on activities, exhibitions and more for all generations. Learn in a playful way how you can live more consciously in everyday life and protect the environment, and find out about sustainability and the environment at exciting exhibitions. And take a look behind the scenes of the ALEXA, resource conservation, mobility and other innovations. Because we are all responsible for our planet. Let’s act together!