Health & Safety

Safety and Health

At Sonae Sierra we are dedicated to implementing a zero-risk culture and try to ensure that the health & safety of our customers is never at risk. Our constant endeavours in this regard, with the support of the Personae project, led to our promoting a safe behaviour and a reduction of risks at our shopping centres and at our construction sites, and has already proven to be highly effective. These strategies include, for example, the Security Prevention Observation (SPO), a behavioural audit which is to help reveal safety issues in the workplace.

In addition to the SPO we offer to our employees, tenants and business partners in all of the countries in which we are present regular courses that specialise in labour protection practices, and take it upon ourselves to face the questions of these customers during regular monthly labour protection meetings held on site. It is equally our conviction that our shoppers should be exposed to as few health and safety risks as possible. In view of the large number of shoppers we greatly value the implementation of highly stringent emergency plans, whose procedures we practice during staged emergency scenarios. 2012 saw 142 of these drills being held at the various facilities of our entire portfolio.

The safety of the people visiting the ALEXA is very dear to us. Therefore we pay particular attention to everything that serves to secure their health and safety. For example, every day, we seek out potential sources of risks at the centre so that we can vouch for the ALEXA as a safe location. And even all shops comply with our high safety standards

explains Oliver Hanna further.

Sustainable action is part of our corporate responsibility which, however, also greatly depends on the behaviour displayed by each and every one of us. For us, sustainability is therefore a mission that we aim to fulfil in co-operation with tenants, visitors and employees. People who come to visit the ALEXA can trust in our respectful treatment of the environment and in observing health and safety.

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